HAPPY is the proud, founding member of the CATCH UP initiative (Collaborative Aiming To Counteract Hypertension in Underserved Populations), an unique, inter-institutional and student-led group aiming to refocus the undergraduate role in hypertension advocacy and prevention strategies. CATCH UP serves as an umbrella organization for blood pressure screening groups working with medically underserved populations.


CATCH UP focuses on three key principles to succeed in its mission: access, research, and implementation.


CATCH UP endeavors to expand access to hypertension screenings and preventative services in disadvantaged communities, research ways in which to improve on the efficiency and efficacy of these provided services, and implement these academically tested methodologies at our respective member institutions’ screening sites in order to approach a “best practices” basis for our volunteering efforts.


To visit the CATCH UP website, meet its leaders, and learn more about what it does and how it functions, please click on the icon below to open the website in a new tab.